Visit the Paseo of Montejo

Visit the Paseo of Montejo

Paseo Montejo

The Paseo of Montejo is the main avenue of Mérida, this avenue is divided into two sections, the "Paseo de Montejo" and "Prolongación Montejo" here we can find the oldest and most beautiful houses in the city, some currently function as museums, banks and others are still inhabited by their current owners.

  • The Cantón Palace (Currently the I.N.A.H Museum)
  • Quinta Montes Molina (Museum and Organization of Events)
  • Twin Houses
  • Molina Duarte House
  • House Pawn of Regil
  • Valez House

We can also find monuments

  • Monument to the Fatherland
  • Statue of Justo Sierra
  • Monument to Felipe Carillo Puerto
  • Statue of Gonzalo Guerreo

Paseo de Montejo is the meeting point of most of the people of Mérida since it has several restaurants, bars, karaoke bars, discos, cafes, patisseries, here there is everything and for all tastes.

Now that if you are on a weekend we inform you that every Saturday night at the auction of the ride the famous Mexican Night is held with regional and vernacular music, sale of Mexican snacks, and handicrafts.

As you can see, Paseo de Montejo is a mixture of culture and fun in the same avenue and you can be in a different place every night and you will need days a week to know everything that is here day or night.

If you want to know more about Paseo Montejo, its tourist attractions and other points of interest, do not hesitate to contact us at (999) 930 9711 and by email: [email protected]

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